Mokume Gane wedding rings


Wedding rings are jewels for life and as such they require great care and attention. It is a choice to be made carefully, for the value that they acquire in the moment in which they become a symbol of a promise. The same care and consideration are made by me in the creation of wedding rings that are unique and with a sophisticated design. The Mokume Gane technique embellishes the jewel, and thanks to a long and laborious process, it grants a unique design. The production starts with the union in a single block of several sheets (from 15 to 17) of various alloys of: yellow gold 18 kt, palladium white gold 14 kt, red gold 14 kt and/or silver 925. In this phase there is no welding, metals merge together like soul of lovers, without constraint or duress. From the forged block, out of the oven, you can get different designs. If you want to have two Mokume Gane wedding rings handcrafted from the same block of sheets you can create similar rings but neveridentical. This makes you appreciate the beauty of this ancient technique.
Only the texture “Star” can be made into identical models of rings.

Mokume Gane wedding rings, texture Star

Below are some of the Mokume Gane wedding rings.

The price of Mokume Gane wedding rings varies based on the width, size, and the metals they are made from, ranging from 600 to 2,750 euros each.