Mokume Gane Layers


Mokume Gane Sheets

ABC goldsmith produces layers, without the interposition of any welding, multi-colored blocks, if you want to have sheets blocks copper and silver or 18K gold, 14K with different colors, with required fineness, assembled and packaged as described above, do not hesitate to contact ABC Goldsmith. The mentioned material is suitable for most of the artisanal workings, from fine jewellery up to sophisticated handles for knives, ancient rifles or guns, and much more.


Mokume Gane sheets, 925 sterling silver-copper, are provided with “patina” which increases the contrast (between silver and copper). Ready to be processed with the classic mechanical machining. Different surface treatments do change shades and feelings appreciably, both visually and to the touch, as well as their “heat”. Examples of surface treatments are: satin finishing, polishing, brushing. Obviously the surface treatment will be applied only if requested. They are suitable to lamination, to welding and any other processes, observing the same precautions for all similar metal alloys. The solutions for the “Patina” that I can supply were tested first handed for several years and are highly effective. The “Mokume gane” gives a great contribution to creativity and greatly enhances the objects you create. Here below are listed various texture styles (design), all hand-made and unique. The last silver foil is of a thickness greater than the other of the block. The Mokume Gane foils have no surface defects and delamination occurs in subsequent processing. For quotes get in touch calling, via mail or send a fax, you can find our contact details in the “contacts” page.

The customer can request the creation of their own design to obtain the uniqueness of the laminae Mokume Gane and absolute exclusiveness.


Form of Mokume Gane layers Small Form of Mokume Gane layers

Minimo 1 modulo, massimo 36 moduli.

> Module 1
Dimension 30mm. x 30mm. x 1mm. Price: Euro 32
– Example 90mm. x 60mm. x 1mm. Corresponding to six modules. Price: Euro 192
– Maximum 90mm. x 360mm. x1mm. Corresponding to thirty-six modules.

>Module 2
Dimension 30mm. x 30mm. x 0,6mm. Price: Euro 27,90
– Example 90mm.x 60mm.x 0,6mm.Corresponding to six modules.Price: Euro 167,40
– Maximum Dimension 360mm. x 90mm. x 0,6mm. Corresponding to thirty-six modules.

Minimun order value: Euro 100.

Dimension and thickness upon request.

All prices are VAT excluded


Mokume Gane sheet, texture Big puzzle

Mokume Gane “Sheet” Sterling Silver/Copper. Pattern “Big puzzle”.

Mokume Gane sheet, texture Big puzzle

Mokume Gane “Brown Sheet” Sterling Silver/Copper. Etched pattern. Pattern “Big puzzle”.

Mokume Gane sheet with and without patina

Example with Patina, without Patina.


These Mokume Gane Sheet have some features of the production shown above. The only possible variant for “Nero” model, is embossed surface.

Size and thickness equal among different layers.

Price for “Nero” is Euro 34 per module (1 mm. thick).

For all other models the price is € 32 per module (1 mm. thick).

Mokeme Gane sheet

Mokume gane “Nero” Sterling Silver/Copper. Etched pattern

Mokume Gane sheet

Mokume Gane sheet Sterling Silver/Copper. Pattern “Soul Puzzle”

Mokume Gane sheet, texture Circle

Mokume gane Sheet “Circle”. Actual scale 85x50mm.

Mokume Gane sheet, texture Wave

Mokume gane Sheet “Wave”. Actual scale 90×60 mm.

Mokume Gane sheets, texture Dama

Mokume gane  Sheet “Dame”. Actual scale 40x120mm and 60x120mm.


Titanium and silver Mokume Gane layers

Billet in pure titanium grade 1 and 925 sterling silve. Minimum billet: 7 sheets, 4 of sterling silver 925 and 3 pure titanium grade 1.

For prices, sizes and thicknesses on demand, a mail.


Cod. P033

Mokume Gane layers


Mokume gane layers

Billet Mokume Gane in 24 layers (12 925 sterling silver and 12 copper, the last layer in 925 sterling silver is thicker than the others).

>Module 1 Dimensions 20mm. x 60mm. x 4mm. Price: Euro 120
>Module 2 Dimensions 20mm. x100mm. x 4mm. Price: Euro 200
>Module 3 Dimensions 30mm. x 100mm. x 4mm. Price: Euro 297
>Module 4 Dimensions 30mm. x 200mm. x 4mm. Price: Euro 600
>Module 5 Dimensions 40mm. x 100mm. x 4mm.
>Module 6 Dimensions 40mm. x 200mm. x 4mm.
>Module 7 Dimensions 60mm. x 200mm. x 4mm.
>Module 8 Dimensions 40mm. x 100mm. x 6mm.
>Module 9 Dimensions 60mm. x 100mm. x 6mm.
>Module 10 Dimensions 60mm. x100mm. x 8mm.
>Module 11 Dimensions 60mm. x 100mm. x 6mm.
>Module 12 Dimensions 60mm. x100mm. x 8mm.

Cod. AP050


Mokume Gane layers

Billet “Mokume gane” Fifteen sheets (15)

14kt.Palladium White Gold/Sterling Silver.

Minimum 6mm. x 40mm. x 4mm.

For prices, sizes and thicknesses on demand a mail.

Cod. AP083


Black&white Mokume gane sheet

Mokume gane sheets in 14kt. Palladium White Gold/Sterling Silver. Eighteen layers, 8 white gold and 7 Sterling Silver.

Minimum 10mm. x 70mm. x 1mm. 

For prices, sizes and thicknesses on demand a mail. 



Different surface treatments make gradations, shades, visual and tactile sensations change as well as their “warmth”. Surface treatments could be: polishing, glazing, brushing, obviously everyone can try out the technique to bring out the patterns, the grains and the textures of metal that meet better his own requirements, just by varying the metod of manipulation.
I can suggest you my “Patina” solution I have been testing for many years, to enhance the look of the copper and obtain a range of colors from pale to deep brown.
I dip the piece into a solution, checking periodically until it reaches the desired color. Then, after the solution bath, I proceed brushing with soap, rinse in clean with pure water, tamp with a clean dry cloth and protect the surface with a thin coating of wax.

Mokume Gane layers

Mokume Gane “Layer” Sterling Silver/Copper Pattern “Soul Puzzle”
“Surface luminous 3 color “

Mokume Gane layers

Mokume Gane “Layer” Sterling Silver/Copper Pattern “Soul Puzzle” “Surface marble , Silver white enamel, copper color brick clear”.

Mokume gane layers

Mokume gane “Nero” Sterling Silver/Copper. Etched pattern.