Project Description


Bicolor bracelet Mokume Gane with apatite and black onyx, in 925 sterling silver with top silver part plated in pure gold. Three inserts Mokume Gane with three different surfaces. The first one is satin finished, to draw greater contrast between silver and copper. A second with the surface slightly embossed to give depth and ulterior contrast. Finally, the third with raised surface of black which incorporates the Damascus textures to emphasize the bracelet Mokume Gane.


Mokume Gane technique

I have always tried to combine the techniques of jewelery to Nature, its colors, the wood grain of the bark, the hues of sunset, the colors of red and yellow soils, animals: zebras, tigers, leopards. Jewelry has always been associated with magic and power. The processing techniques DAMASCUS – “Mokume Gane”, in ancient times were kept hidden by alchemists and jealously protected by artisans.
Fantasy eventually became reality. My jewels needed magical metals I had read about in mythical tales that speak of fabulous jewelry and swords forged by magicians. Its drawings, Its fantastic patterns have their own legends, a story full of charm and mystery.